Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer? |Step By Step

Shoes are one of our favorite fashion items. We wear shoes recognizing the protection and comfort of our feet.

Whenever comfort comes to mind, suede shoes come to mind because it is one of the shoes that we love to wear at home. But wearing shoes accumulates dirt which we have to clean

You may know how to clean sneakers or casual shoes. But have you ever wondered how to clean your comfortable favorite suede shoes?

So today I will explore in my blog post; Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer? And also discuss how to clean shoes by hand. So please read my blog at last.

What is Suede?

Suede is one of the most versatile materials out there. The soft and smooth leather obtained from the bottom of the animal skin is called Suede.

What is Suede
What is Suede?

Originally derived from the skins of animals in Sweden such as cows, goats, sheep, and pigs. Suede is made very soft and smooth, making it comfortable to wear. 

Suede usually plays a special role in making clothes, shoes, purses, jackets, wallets, and unique smooth items. However, suede stains more easily than genuine leather. So we have to make sure to clean more and more.

All techniques for cleaning suede shoes are described step by step. So that it is convenient for you to clean shoes in suede.

Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer?

If you want to clean your shoes while maintaining their shape, clean them by hand. It is generally not recommend to clean shoes in the washer.

Washers work well for cleaning clothes but are not suitable for soft or leather materials. Because the shape of suede shoes changes due to the mixing and swirling of water in the washer. So, know Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer?

What kind of problems can occur if you let your suede shoes clean in the washer are discussed below.

1. Loss of texture

Nap suede helps soften and texture the shoe. However, when washing suede shoes in the washer, the shape of the nap becomes very flat. So shoes should not be washed in the washer.

2. Staining

Suede shoes are very delicate to remove if they get stained. So if you let your suede shoes clean in the washer, the washer water can get on your shoes. As a result, the soft parts of your shoes can change into hard ones.

3. Shape Distortion

After putting suede shoes in the washer, water can cause the outsoles, insoles, and pads of the shoes to crumble. So later on your shoes may not fit your feet.

4. Glue Damage

When suede shoes is making, the material of the shoes is join together by glue. However, the mixing and swirling of the suede shoe washer’s water can loosen the glue on the shoe. So the next time you go to wear these shoes can be easily removed.

The features discussed above suggest that suede shoes are not suitable for washing in the washer. Because suede shoes are made of soft leather, they need to be hand-cleaned. Otherwise, the shape of these shoes is completely changed.

So I will now discuss how to clean shoes step by step by hand

How to Clean Suede Shoes?

Suede shoes are mainly making from the lower part of animal skin. As a result, many things is making useful for us with this soft leather so that we can use them easily and comfortably.

How to Clean Suede Shoes
How to Clean Suede Shoes?

But our use makes suede shoes unclean. So you should clean suede shoes. But keep one thing in mind, don’t clean in the middle of the washer. Because the washer can mix with the water and distort the shape of your shoes.

I have discussed so far Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer? But now let’s discuss how to clean suede shoes by hand.

So now I am going to give you a complete guide so that you can clean your favorite suede shoes by hand.

1. Prepare the shoes

Before cleaning your shoes, you should make sure that your shoes have laces. If there are, take them off as shoelaces may cause stains during cleaning. So remove the tape before cleaning.

2. Brushing

Do not clean suede shoes by hand as they tend to get dirty from use. Use a brush while cleaning it. So that you can clean the loose dirt very easily. As a result, the naps of your shoes remain intact.

3. Use a suede eraser

After brushing suede shoes, some dirt remains and can be removed with an eraser. The eraser is mainly making of rubber, so it can clean the dry dirt and dust from the shoes. So eraser works as a substitute for water.

4. Spot cleaning

If you find that it is not possible to remove all the stains with a brush and eraser, then use a suede shoe cleaner sponge.

You first take the cleaning material in the cleaner and rub it in a circular motion on the area where the dirt is. But take care not to over clean otherwise it will be seen there is decay. After that, let the shoe dry in the sun.

5. Again drying and brushing

The last thing you do is dry your shoes well. Make sure the shoes are dried naturally. Drying with a hair dryer or heater will add more moisture to your shoes and make them thicker.

After drying the shoes, you need to brush them upside down again so that the flexibility of the shoes shines.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Clean Suede with Water?

No, you cannot clean suede shoes with water. One of the reasons for this is that suede shoes can lose moisture if they get wet.

Usually, water stains the shoes, so it is not easy to remove the stains. So you have to be aware that the shoes do not touch water.

Can you clean Suede with Vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar on suede shoes. But shoes should clean with mild vinegar. Vinegar is a natural ingredient use to remove dirt and odors.

But overuse can damage the flexibility of your shoes. When you use vinegar, take a clean cloth and then spray and rub gently in circular motions. 

After rubbing, wipe off with a soft towel or cloth. Then clean suede shoes with vinegar in this way.

Can you Clean Suede with Alcohol?

Yes, you can use alcohol on suede shoes but use caution. Be careful not to give alcohol directly, mix it with a small amount of water.

Then take a clean cloth and rub alcohol mixed with water on the shoes. After removing the dirt, place it in an area of your house where there is natural ventilation.

Because there is a possibility that the nap of the shoes will be ruined by drying at high temperatures.

I have written a blog about shoe cleaning. How to Get Weed Smell Out of Shoes?

Final Thought

Just as shoes ensure the protection and beauty of our feet, we should also ensure the cleanliness of our shoes.

By this, I am trying to understand that we should keep our favorite shoes clean all the time. So today I discussed, Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer? I am also trying to explain how you can clean shoes by hand.

I hope you understand by now how to make sure suede shoes are clean. So if you follow the above steps to clean the suede shoes, you can keep the shape of the shoes without any damage.

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