Are Converse Good Walking shoes? | What is the Truth?

Shoes have been a tradition for thousands of years. Shoes are now considered one of the mediums of fashion. Along with fashion, the shoes provide protection and comfort so that your feet are protected on the inside, along with the beauty on the outside.

Currently, Converse is widely known as a fashion shoe. But for several days, I have been facing a common question: Are Converse good walking shoes?

So today, in this blog post, I will discuss Converse shoes. And I will explore the pros and cons of how beneficial walking is.

So, if you are thinking of walking in Converse shoes, then read today’s entire blog to find out how comfortable Converse shoes are for you.

What Are Converse Shoes?

Converse is an aesthetic, comfortable, and versatile shoe. Converse is gaining massive popularity in the fashion world. This shoes were first known as athletic shoes.

What Are Converse Shoes
What Are Converse Shoes

This shoe is named after the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor because he was the only person who started endorsing Converse shoes.

Since then, Converse has started gaining popularity and has become quite helpful for all types of people, both boys and girls.

The design of the shoes has been modified in collaboration with tailors, which are arch support, comfort, and heel patch.

The only reason to make these changes is for basketball players. Since then, the Converse shoe has become widely known as an athletic shoe.

Are Converse Good walking shoes?

Converse is a versatile and fashionable shoe that is simply loved to look at. These shoes are pretty popular, so people use them for all kinds of activities, starting from walking to running.

But now it’s almost common to wear Converse shoes for morning walks because walking without the right footwear is uncomfortable for the feet as well as dangerous for the ankles and knees.

Therefore, when thinking about walking, the first thing everyone brings up is the name of Converse. Do you really know Are Converse good walking shoes?

Below are some Converse features that will help you know if Converse is a good walking shoe.

1. Comfort and Support

Comfort is the most important factor when choosing walking shoes. Because shoes cannot be worn for long if they are not comfortable, choose a walking shoe that provides comfort and support to your feet.

However, Converse shoes are fashionable and appear to be more about style than comfort and support. Converse shoes, in particular, may not be suitable for long walks due to their thin canvas and flat soles.

But Converse offers some decent features like improved arch support that are great for walking.

2. Durability and Traction

Durability and traction is another important thing to keep in mind when selecting shoes. Because walking shoes are prone to tearing due to constant wear, they should be able to withstand tearing.

Another aspect is to keep from slipping. So Converse shoe soles being made of rubber offer good traction and find a more efficient way to walk.

But if you plan to walk on rough terrain, put Converse shoes out of your thoughts. The reason is that Converse is not suitable for rough terrain.

3. Breathability

After walking for a long time in the shoes, it is see that warm heat comes out from the inside of the shoes, which is uncomfortable for the feet. Converse, therefore, allows the shoes to avoid overheating.

Essentially, the upper part of the shoe has a thin canvas that allows heat to escape. So, in hot weather or favorable conditions, Converse shoes keep your feet cool.

4. Arch Support

Arch support is a big factor for your shoes. Choose shoes that can prevent pain under the feet. If Converse shoes support the arch of your feet, you will be more comfortable walking. Otherwise, choose shoes according to your foot arch.

So, if all the above features are present in your Converse shoes, then you will think that you 

have chosen a shoe that is very suitable for your feet.

Are Converse Good For Walking All Day?

Converse shoes are generally not recommend for walking all day. One of the main reasons is that these shoes are basically make for walking at times. Because shoes that provide arch support and don’t feel sore after long walks can last all day long.

So, why you can’t walk all day wearing Converse shoes is briefly describe below.

1. Lack of arch support

Converse shoes actually offer a decent amount of arch support. Because you can’t walk around wearing Converse shoes all day without proper arch support. This will make you uncomfortable if you have arch problems.

2. Limited Cushioning

Converse shoes lack cushioning due to their thin soles. Having little cushioning can lead to stiffness and fatigue in your foot joints. So you can’t walk all day in these shoes.

So it can be said that if you walk for a short time, then Converse is a suitable shoe for you. But if you prefer Converse for all-day walking, you are advise to invest in a shoe with better arch support and more cushioning.

Are Converse Good for Walking Long Distances?

Converse shoes are generally good for short walks or limited work. But Converse shoes should be avoided if you plan to walk long distances.

The shoes have less arch support, cushioning, and traction, which is not suitable for long-distance walking.

Thin soles can cause pain in your feet if you walk for long periods. Because these shoes cannot hold pressure for long, your feet may get blisters.

And more pressure can cause the shoes to tear, which Converse shoes are not able to withstand.

So it can be said that Converse shoes are not suitable shoes for long distances. If you want to walk long distances, invest in a pair of shoes with good soles and arch support.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it bad to run in Converse?

The answer is absolutely negative because running in Converse shoes is not recommend. Because these shoes are made for short distance walking.

So, if you are thinking about running, I would recommend investing in a pair of normal running shoes.

Are Converse Good for Walking in Rain?

Converse shoes are not suitable for walking in the rain. This is because the upper part of your Converse shoes is making of canvas that gets damage in the rain.

Basically, if your shoes are wet for 1-5 minutes, then your shoes will get ruined quickly. So it can be said that Converse is not a good shoe for walking in the rain.

Can I use Converse for exercise? 

Of course, you can use Converse for exercise. But care should be taken not to use it for any heavy work because the soles of Converse shoes are not designed to take more pressure. But you can use Converse for general exercise.

Final Thought 

In conclusion, Converse shoes are quite comfortable and arch-support shoes for short periods. So it is a good shoe for walking short distances.

You may have got the answer to your question by now: Are Converse good walking shoes? Throughout the blog, I have tried to answer the main questions.

So, if you’re thinking of Converse for morning exercise and walking, it’ll be a great shoe for you.

So I hope you will not face any problems choosing Converse shoes later.

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